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LOVEHAIR’s Intensely Moisturising Hair Mask

Not too long ago we were kindly contacted by the people at LoveHair UK and asked if we wanted to collaborate with them on Instagram. We were provided with a generous discount code to purchase their Intensely Moisturising vegan hair mask. So we thought we’d make the most of the opportunity by doing a proper review on here for you guys.

LOVEHAIR UK's Intensely Moisturising Hair Mask

Our little experiment…

We thought it would be interesting if we both gave it a go as we have completely different hair types. Em’s is naturally thick and dead-straight, whereas Jess’ hair has what has always been dubbed as ‘character’: thinner, but wavy and voluminous.

For best results it recommends using the product twice a week, so we figured we’d do as suggested. We decided to try it for two weeks, meaning we were both using it 4 times each. It instructs you to shampoo your hair as normal and then apply the product for 10 minutes, or for even better results, overnight. Rinse out when done.

Em’s Hair Mask Review

First impressions:

I liked the simplicity of the packaging, because sometimes companies try really hard and they end up going overboard. The scent was also really refreshing, smelling like smoothies in the summertime.

As instructed, I washed my hair as I usually would with my Lush Shampoo Bar (FlyWay Hair) and let it air-dry a little before applying the mask. I was impressed with how little product I needed to do my whole head of hair. To avoid using too much, I applied a little at a time, gradually working it through from roots to ends. The mask itself also applied really nice and easily.

After use:

For my first try I left it on for about 45 minutes before rinsing off. I didn’t want to leave it overnight but I also wanted to give it enough time to work. I never blow-dry my hair, I always just tend to towel dry/air dry it. Once my hair had dried a bit and was damp, it felt really light and fluffy, and was so smooth when I ran my fingers through it.

When my hair was completely dry the following morning, it was really silky and soft; definitely more hydrated than when I only use shampoo. Overall I really liked the process of using this product and the results it gave me.

However, one downfall for me is that I think my hair type didn’t respond well to the amount of moisture it provided. I wouldn’t say I specifically have oily hair, but perhaps verging on the edge of it. This wasn’t a major issue because it still did a good job on my hair, it just meant I had to re-wash a day earlier than I normally would’ve. Therefore I probably wouldn’t incorporate it into my regular routine because I’ve worked quite hard recently on not washing my hair as frequently.



Would I recommend?

If I’m being entirely honest, it would depend on the individual’s hair type and texture. This is based on what I said about my hair not needing quite as much moisture as it provided. For those with less-oily hair then I think this would be great for you.

The hair mask leaves your hair feeling super soft and smooth, but for me personally, after about 36 hours my hair looked quite greasy. So I ended up needing to wash my hair sooner than I would have had I not used the mask.

Em with the hair mask

Jess’ Hair Mask Review

First impressions:

They say that less is more, and sometimes I think that is really important to remember when branding a product. Like Em said, the packaging is very simplistic, and it looks great. Although for me, when I first saw it I thought it was an own brand maybe from Superdrug or Boots. Not that there is anything wrong with an own brand, a lot of the time they are just as good if not better than the branded equivalent, my only observation is that it doesn’t look as high end as the price-point suggests (£24.99 at full price).

That being said, I was really excited to try the mask as its main ingredients are mango butter, passion fruit and marula oils, which smell amazing! There’s just something about mango and passion fruit that makes me think of sunshine!

After use:

As we’ve said I have quite wavy hair, and have recently started trying to follow the curly girl method (CGM) to try and restore the health of my hair and enhance my curls. People with wavy/curly hair have naturally dryer hair, so one main recommendation of the CGM is avoiding products that contain sulphates, silicones and drying alcohols, as they dehydrate the hair and causes frizziness. The Love Hair Intense Moisturising Hair Mask is curly girl friendly and soooo hydrating.

I used my normal shampoo, followed by the hair mask. The product was so smooth to apply, and it doesn’t feel heavy (you know how sometimes your hair feels clumpy even after rinsing it?). After hearing Em’s feedback with leaving the mask for 45 mins, I left it for about 20-30 minutes instead. I then rinsed it out using luke-warm water, and let my hair air dry as usual. This felt like the right sort of time for me as I’d normally leave conditioner in for 10-ish minutes.

And the results are in!

Honestly my hair hasn’t felt this soft in a long time, and it feels silky rather than greasy; it’s curls have held longer and it’s not as frizzy as usual, so I’m really happy with the results.

I’ve used it a few times now and the one thing I’d say is that my results aren’t consistent. Whether I’m using too much at once or what, my hair doesn’t react the same every time. Sometimes I get amazing curls, other times my hair is meh and almost greasy looking… as I say it’s most likely just my hair but still it’s frustrating. But when it works, boy does it work! Overall I would still use this product, I think I just need to figure out a better routine.



Would I recommend?

In a word? Yes.

Anyone struggling with dry/frizzy hair, or looking to restore a healthy shine, then this is really a great choice. I would probably say it’s best to know your hair-type, to know how long to keep the mask on for. People with dryer hair (like me) will benefit from leaving it for longer, I would probably say at least 20 minutes (I’ve not tried leaving it overnight yet). However, people with naturally silky hair (like Em) will probably get better results from washing it out sooner.

Jess with the hair mask

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