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A Positive Thing for Every Day in July

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great week. As i’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year I started a new habit which is to write down a positive thing for every day of the year. It’s going surprisingly well so far because I didn’t think I’d keep it up this long haha. I also love that it makes me look for the good in each day.

However, I’d never thought about sharing my positive thing for every day as a blog post before. That was until I saw a couple of my fellow bloggers doing similar posts, and it inspired me to share my own positive things with you. I really encourage anyone reading this to start the same habit, because it’s so nice to recognise and appreciate the little positives in our every day lives.

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July 1st

One of my closest friends Sophia was kind enough to let us interview her on what it’s been like living with a heart condition. This is something that she has lived with her whole life, but has not let it stop her from doing anything. My positive thing for July 1st is that her interview went live on the website and got almost 60 views on the first day it was up! I was so pleased that this post did so well in such a short time (compared with our usual stats), because it’s such a great post that really give people an insight into what having a congenital heart condition is really like.

If you want to read her interview, you can find it here:

positive thing
* Sophia *

July 2nd

My brother and I went to see my Nan, who’s been living by herself during this whole pandemic. We all sat in the garden (social distancing) and looked through old family photos together. It was such a lovely little outing because we love learning as much as we can about our family from our Granny, who has an incredible memory when it comes to this stuff!

July 3rd

One of my obsessions during lockdown has been watching Backpacking Bananas on YouTube. I only discovered her in April this year, but I absolutely love her videos and could happily sit and watch them all day. Christianne, who runs the channel, is an avid backpacker who’s been to all sorts of amazing places around the globe. Watching her travel vlogs from the Philippines, Colombia, Australia, and New Zealand has really helped fill the hole in my life that a lack of travel has left.

Anyway, Christianne recently made a new website which has it’s own forum for travellers to discuss and make connections. Through this forum a few of us made a group chat on instagram where we can talk about our plans and day-to-day life, and it’s been awesome meeting new people with the same interests.

Christianne’s website:

July 4th

We had a family day today as it was sadly the 9th anniversary of my Grandpa passing away. It’s nice to make an effort to do something together on this day so we can be there for my Mum and Granny, and celebrate the amazing life he had. We had a great day relaxing in the sun, and then had a family dinner.

July 5th

On the eve of my parents 26th wedding anniversary, my siblings and I surprised them with a takeaway for two from our family’s favourite restaurant, which had only recently reopened since lockdown. Making ourselves scarce, we came back to my place to have Nandos and drink wine.

July 6th

I got called back into work today for the first time since I left on March 17th. It was quite daunting, and I wasn’t meant to return until the following Monday. However, at least it meant I didn’t have time to worry about returning, because it all happened so fast. I spent the morning in the under 2s room and it was really sweet to see the babies again. When I got home at lunchtime, our food shop had arrived! For the first time we’d managed to bag ourselves a delivery slot (hooray). My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to start eating more healthily because we definitely let things slip over the past 4 months. We got loads of fruit, fresh meat, veggies and more.

July 7th

I was called into work again today, but this time for a full-day. I was nervous but decided to make the best of it. It was a really chilled day with my colleague and just 5 little ones. Spending time with them reminded me why I love my job.

July 8th

Hump day! Good thing too because by this point I was exhausted haha. The previous day I’d been told that I was needed all week, so at least I didn’t have to worry about being woken up by a call asking me to come in and cover. I was beginning to slowly adjust back to my routine, and it was nice to feel ‘normal’ again.

July 9th

We had an 8-month-old baby at work today, and although I’ve spent thousands of hours with toddlers; I’d never actually worked with babies before. Thankfully it went pretty well; I got to bottle-feed, nappy change, and put the little one to sleep with no issues. It was quite reassuring because my friend is due to have a baby this week (by the time you’ll be reading this that is). Despite working with small children, I was quite intimidated by the idea of having a newborn around, but this gave me more confidence.

July 10th

My positive thing for today has got to be… PAY DAY! Need I say more?

July 11th

Another productive day today, got lots of planning done. My boyfriend also made us a delicious dinner, and it was so nice to have a day where I didn’t have to spend any time in the kitchen.

July 12th

I uploaded a new blog post today on self-care habits to try. I love writing about this topic and being able to share it with you guys. Self-care is something I neglected for so many years growing up, and setting aside time for it over the last few years has been one of the best things I’ve done.

To read our posts on self-care, click here:

July 13th

Today I was moved into the pre-school room at work (where I’ll be for the next two weeks). I usually work in the 2-year-old room, and during lockdown a lot of the children from my room had celebrated their 3rd birthdays. This meant that they’d moved up to pre-school and I was finally reunited with some of my regular children! It was so lovely to see some of them again and it was amazing how much they’d grown and developed in just a few short months.

July 14th

Jess and our brother popped round to see me in the evening and we sat and chatted for a while. Had a good laugh too which is always a nice way to spend the evening.

July 15th

A day of relief as I finally got some form of solution for my very painful wisdom tooth. I nabbed myself a dentist appointment and was given some anti-biotics. This may seem like a weird thing to include, but when you’ve had really bad toothache for a week, it’s nice to have hope that soon the pain will be gone.

July 16th

Anyone who grew up around a similar time to me should appreciate this one. We have a variety of CDs at work to play for the children, and when we played one of the Disney ones, we were delighted when Hannah Montana came on. It was such a throwback, but the best part was seeing all the 3-year-olds enthusiastically jumped around to it and having a ball. My colleague and I were belting out the words, and it was probably my favourite 3 minutes of the whole day hahah.

July 17th

Bit of a weird one, but recently my boyfriend and I have been trying to eat a little healthier, after over-indulging a tonne during lockdown. I attempted to make sweet potato fries for the first time ever, and usually I don’t even like sweet potatoes. However, I was so pleasantly surprised, and I’ll definitely be making this healthy alternative again soon.

July 18th

Finally I got to reunite with my girlies today for the first time since March! We met for a socially-distanced picnic in a local park, and it was incredible to see them in person after so long. It was also the last time I was probably going to see my friend before the baby comes, and I couldn’t believe how big she’d got. Then in the evening me and my boyfriend went to my parents for dinner which is always great.

positive thing

July 19th

Made a lasange for the first time in the new flat and it went really well.

July 20th

Today’s positive thing was that I’d spent a lot of yesterday feeling quite anxious about the work week ahead. But to my surprise it was actually a really nice day. When I got home, I found that the book I had ordered (Good Vibes, Good Life – Vex King) had arrived! I made extra effort to get into bed slightly earlier so that I could start my new read. After just a few pages I already felt a lot more positive.

Get your copy of Vex King’s book here, you won’t regret it:

July 21st

Today would have been our Nanny’s 95th birthday, but unfortunately she passed away almost 3 years ago. After work I went round to my parents for some tea and cake and we reminisced and recounted some fond memories. It’s so important to make time for loved ones on significant days like this, just to make those tough days a little bit easier.

positive thing

July 22nd

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but I work approximately 48 hours per week at my job. This makes for some very long days, because technically it’s like doing the equivalent of a 6-day working week in the space of 5 days. For the last couple of night I’ve been really getting into Vex King’s book, which talks a lot about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration. Basically, if you stay positive and will for positive things to happen in your life, then they will.

Well today at work (I was already feeling knackered despite just being a Tuesday lol!); my manager asked if I wanted a half-day tomorrow, and leave at 1pm. I don’t know why having a half-day once a week is so refreshing, it just really breaks the week up nicely and gives me some time for myself. Now obviously this could’ve just been a coincidence, but I took it as a sign that I was on the right track.

positive thing

July 23rd

Today I went to my doctors for the first time since lockdown. It was such a weird experience, having the thermometer aimed at my head upon arrival and sitting in the waiting room alone with my mask on. But my positive thing for today is that I got my second HPV (Cervical Cancer) jab. I know this might be a weird thing to put on my list, but the way I see it, it means I’ve only got one left before I’m done haha.

July 24th

Found out that I had 23 days annual leave left till the end of the year! This was very exciting for me, as someone who is so careful with their annual leave. So I decided to book some time off in December so that I could enjoy the festivities with family and maybe visit a Christmas market somewhere if it’s safe to do so.

July 25th

My family came over for dinner tonight for the first time since we moved in. Obviously I’ve seen them plenty, and they’ve popped round a few times, but this was the first time I really got to put my hosting skills into practice! It was so lovely. I made another lasagne, after last weeks one went so well, and we had wine and laughed and it all felt very adult. Before they headed home we played some cards and Bananagrams, which was a perfect way to end the evening.

July 26th

I really enjoy learning new things, especially when they can come in handy with my current hobbies or daily activities. Today I decided that I wanted to get a better idea of how to produce good-looking flat-lays. I personally love a flat-lay, especially when the person makes them look so effortless. I didn’t realise how much went into creating flat-lays, but when you’re finished and happy with it, it’s so satisfying. So I watched a few videos on YouTube and Skillshare, and tested out my ability. I’ll leave a picture below of my first proper attempt; it’s not exactly birdseye, but it’s close enough for me and I was happy with the result.

positive thing

July 27th

My positive thing for today is that I kicked off the new week with an evening of self-care. I dedicated some time to put on some meditative music, read my book, and get an early night. I felt so much better the following day as a result.

July 28th

Jess came over this evening and we made dinner together. She taught me how to make her chicken and chorizo jambalaya, which has been a family-favourite for a while now.

July 29th

Found a new podcast to listen to on my way to work (JUMP by Travelling Jackie). I’ve been loving podcasts this month, especially travel ones because it’s given me lots of inspiration for future trips. I also find that it makes the time go quicker than listening to my usual music would.

July 30th

My boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a takeaway from our favourite restaurant. Our local Gurkha restaurant shut down for a few months during lockdown but is finally open again (hoorah). Naturally we wanted to show our support; so we celebrated pay day the best way and had a little date night.

July 31st

We realised we were only 55 blog views away from our monthly goal of 500! We get that this was still quite a way off haha, but it was worth the shot. I sent a tweet seeing if anyone wanted to help us out in reaching our goal. The response was so amazing; a few fellow bloggers shared our posts on their twitter feeds, and the tweets got a fair amount of likes; meaning we went from 445 to 480 in the space of a couple of hours.

Now I know these are baby numbers, but it’s so rewarding for really new bloggers like us to see these numbers in the first 2/3 months. It gives us such motivation and encouragement, especially knowing we have the support of the blogging community too! So that rounds up my positive thing for today, which is almost reaching our monthly goal, and receiving support from the incredible writing community.

We’d love to know your positive things from this past month, so let us know below!


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