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10 Things I Love About Autumn

Of course it’s sad to say goodbye to that blissful summer sun (not that we usually get particularly much of it here in the UK), but hopefully this list can shed a little positive light on the months to come and all the things we can look forward to again. I’m often torn between Autumn and Spring when people ask me my favourite season. However, after the heatwave that we’ve had this August in the UK of nearly 40 degrees (!), I can quite comfortably say that I’ve never looked forward to a change in season more. So let’s kick this list off:

Autumnal Colours

Arguably the best part about autumn is the most gorgeous change of colour in everything from the leaves on the trees to the fashion. All the warm and cosy colours like burgundy, dark green, brown, orange, navy, red, gold, and so on. It’s so easy to introduce some of these beautiful autumnal colours into your home for these months. You could do this by changing your bedsheets to a more seasonal pattern, or even simply by bringing some greenery into your home. To discover more ways to bring autumn into your home, read this guest post by Hannah Kay: http://www.emgoingplaces.com/2020/09/how-to-make-an-autumnal-home-for-the-colder-months/

The Cooler Autumn Weather

With the summer heat being a bit overwhelming and the winter months often being unbearably cold, autumn offers the best of both worlds. It’s much cooler than the summer but you can still enjoy some lovely sunny days. Some of my top suggestions for out-doorsy autumn activities include pumpkin-picking; hunting for pine cones and conkers; scenic drives; beach walks; bike rides; and camping.

Cosy Nights In

Who doesn’t love a cosy night in, watching movies and hanging with friends and family? We finally get to whip out our fluffy socks and comfy blankets. The days get shorter and the sun starts to disappear much quicker. But this means that as soon as I’m home from work, I have a warm shower and put my pyjamas on. Then I can enjoy a cosy evening with candles, tea, and my favourite shows.

Autumn Holidays: Halloween and Bonfire Night

Growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween. Although now that I work with children, I can totally see what all the fun is about. Decorating the classroom will all of the arts and crafts we make together, and my favourite part of all is when the children can come in dressed up. Last year we had a Bo-Peep, Postman Pat, Simba, and a Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was incredible.

Bonfire/Fireworks Night on the other hand has always been a special occasion on my family. Back in 1960, my Grandparents got married on Guy Fawkes Night. So every year the anniversary can be celebrated with the sky bursting with bright colours and everyone gathering outside to view the displays.

Hot Chocolate

When September rolls around, I finally feel it’s socially-acceptable for me to whip out my 2kg tub of hot chocolate. Yes, I have one of those and yes, I know how excessive that is. It’s just such a fun and comforting drink, with so many different varieties on offer. My sister Jess also has quite the collection herself, although she adds so much sugar even I struggle to get through a mug! Some of my personal favourites that I would recommend would be the Options Belgian Chocolate Jar; Whittard Luxury White Hot Chocolate; and the Aero Hot Chocolate Powder. If you’re out and about, you can also make the most of the returning seasonal drinks from cafes like Costa or Starbucks, which I always look forward to each year.

autumn hot chocolate

Return of the Jumpers

I’m the type of person who will continue to wear jumpers until it objectively becomes too hot to do so. Likewise, as soon as we reach September, I’m delighted to bring my jumper collection back into everyday use. I’ve always been the type to choose comfort over style when it comes to fashion. But this mostly entails wearing woolly jumpers that are usually about two sizes too big!

A Variety of Shows Make a Comeback

Back before Netflix-binging was an option, everyone had to wait for what felt like forever over the summer months for their favourite shows to return for the new season. Especially when most of these ended with a major cliffhanger. Meaning we had to spend about four months wondering what was going to happen to our favourite characters. I remember the shows we’d look forward to most were the The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Mentalist.

Strictly Come Dancing

There’s no way I could’ve written this list without mentioning Strictly Come Dancing. Now I know that not everyone will be able to relate with me on this one. However, ever since childhood I’ve loved the process of watching these celebrity novices learn to Waltz and Jive. Obviously this year will likely be a little different due to Covid, but it’s still super exciting to see what they’ll come up with. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Strictly, it’s basically the UK equivalent of Dancing with the Stars.

autumn - Strictly Come Dancing
I took this photo on the Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2014

Autumn Food

Summer might have all the smoothies and barbecues, but autumn is when you finally get to indulge in the comfort food. Mac and cheese, casserole, spaghetti bolognese, stews, and so many more. Perfect to warm us up after a long day at work.

Lead up to Christmas

As the colder months approach you can’t deny that it makes you a little bit excited for the upcoming festivities. To get really organised, maybe start listing ideas of what to get friends/family for Christmas; or begin making arrangements for New Year’s Eve. We have no idea what state the world will be in by Christmas-time, but that’s not to say we can’t start making provisional plans for the time being. Just make sure you have a plan B in case we’re back in lockdown again, such as arranging an online quiz or drinking games with your friends.

I’m especially excited for Blogmas this year. As a new blogger, I’ve never had a chance to partake before, and I’m delighted to say that Jess will be returning to the blog during that time to write some festive guest posts!

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