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10 Bad Habits I Want to Break in 2021

Today I’ll be discussing 10 bad habits that I desperately want to break in 2021. Some of the following items are a little silly but still fall into the category nonetheless. Others, however, are habits that I’ve done for years that seriously need to stop!

1) Allowing myself to get super stressed

If I start to feel even a little bit stressed, then I’ll let every small inconvenience bother me way more than it should. You can probably see why this is one of the bad habits I definitely want to try to break. Practicing meditation and mindfulness has definitely helped with this, however I’m aware that it’s something I’ll probably have to work on for a long while.

2) Following trends

Whether they be fashion, social media, or hobby-related; if it’s not something you genuinely want to do then just don’t do it. When I was younger I feel like I could be such a sheep. I’m not saying that every decision I made was based on what was popular at the time at all, but I definitely felt the need to consider the current trends to make sure I wasn’t being too ‘uncool’. What a way to live your life, right?

3) Buying single-use products rather than the eco-friendly swaps

It’s amazing to see just how many eco-friendly swaps are being created to replace the dreadful single-use products. Plastic straws are something I’ve carried around for a few years; and at the start of 2020, a friend told me that she’d been experimenting with one of Lush’s shampoo bars. The bars are so much better for the environment because there’s no plastic involved. You literally use it like you would use a bar of soap. So next on my list of eco-friendly swaps to make would have to be getting rid of my single-use makeup wipes and cotton pads. I also think the reusable food wraps sound like such a cool idea!

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4) Nail biting

I’ve had this as a New Year’s resolution for about 15 years now and I’ve never been able to break this damn habit. However, one thing that helped me immensely was getting myself a UV gel nail lamp. My sister offered to do my nails before I went to Australia and for the first time ever I went several weeks without biting them all off. After finally finding a solution to my nail-biting issue, I bought myself my own nail lamp so that I could paint my nails whenever I felt the urge to chew them off!

5) Not speaking out over fear of ridicule

In your life, can you think back to a time when you could’ve said something or done something, but didn’t? I bet the answer is yes. To this day I still think back to primary school and kick myself for not being brave enough to come to someone else’s defence. Most of the time you’ll probably regret not speaking your mind on important matters when given the opportunity.

6) Giving people unlimited chances

This one speaks for itself really. More often than not it’s much more convenient to forgive and forget than it is to cut ties. I completely understand that. But sometimes you have to weigh up whether the insecurities and negative feelings that come from that relationship are really worth it. This could apply to friends, colleagues, partners or family members. Even if you really love them, it’s worth considering whether the consequences of that relationship, such as the toll on your mental health, is something you’re okay with.

7) Procrastination

Generally I’m pretty good at getting things done. But occasionally I do slip up and leave a job unfinished for days, maybe even weeks or months. For example, I bought myself two online courses to keep me busy during lockdown. I almost finished both of them, but then got called back to work and basically haven’t touched them ever since. If I’d actually just set aside time to sit down and complete them then I know I’d be able to do it. But I waste so much time dawdling around or making up excuses. So this is definitely one of the bad habits I want to break.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

– Sean Patrick Flanery

8) Letting people help me too much

I know how this sounds, but it’s not what you think. This is perhaps the most important of all the bad habits I’m hoping to break in 2021. It is all about educating myself. Turns out that school didn’t teach me most of this important stuff, which not gonna lie, would’ve been pretty useful to know!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to try to get my head around all the ‘adulting’ topics and processes that I’ve always allowed my Dad to pretty much do for me. This refers to things including: finding the best interest rates and different banks; how to get a mortgage and buy a house; what to look for when buying a car; tax rebates; and so on.

9) Scrolling right before bed

I promise you that any research ever done on how to get a decent and satisfying nights sleep, will never tell you that scrolling through social media right before bed will help matters. In fact, it very much does the opposite. The light from your phone can trick your eyes and brain into thinking it’s daylight, therefore taking you much longer before you can fall asleep.

That’s not the only reason I want to break this habit. I also think it’s not good for anybody to scroll through Instagram gazing at photos from people’s ‘perfect lives’ right before sleep. If anything, it’ll probably make you feel insecure and insignificant in comparison. Instead I have two books that I’d like to start reading before bedtime. Number one being the rest of ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ which I started and never finished. Number two being ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’, which again, I started and didn’t finish (surprise surprise).

10) Trying to make everyone like me

It’s impossible, and the sooner I get this through my head, the better. You cannot control other people and what they think. Whatever you do, don’t change who you are to adapt yourself to what you think they want. It’s so much healthier for you to accept that not everyone in life will want to be your friend, and that’s often nothing to do with you. Just appreciate the people that matter most, and carry on as you are.

There you have it! The 10 bad habits I hope to break in 2021; let me know yours below.

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