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12 Months and 12 Pictures: My Best 2020 Highlights

2020 Highlights! My Year in Pictures

In today’s Blogmas post I’ll be sharing my best 2020 highlights; with one picture to represent each month of the year. I thought this might be quite a fun way to sum up my year, and show you all what I’ve got up to in 2020. So let the 2020 highlights begin!


I kicked off my 2020 by visiting one of the most incredible countries I’ve ever travelled to: Australia! Being a January-baby, I got to spend my 23rd birthday at King’s Park with the beautiful view of Perth City and the Swan River. My highlight for January was not only getting the opportunity to visit this amazing place, but also getting the chance to meet my boyfriend’s parents and siblings in person for the first time. They made me feel so welcome and it was a pleasure getting to spend those three weeks together.

2020 highlights - Australia
Turning 23 in Perth


For Christmas the year before, I got my boyfriend tickets to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. However, things kept getting in the way and we had to postpone and rebook twice. In February 2020, after over a year of waiting, I finally got him to the studios! We both love Harry Potter, so it was awesome getting to see the sets and the props up close; after pretty much growing up with the franchise.

2020 highlights - Harry Potter Studio Tour


At the beginning of March my boyfriend and I went on our last little getaway before everything suddenly changed. We were originally due to head to Copenhagen but cancelled when we started to feel it was probably safer to stay in the country. Instead, we caught the train to Brighton for a few days, and it was exactly what we needed. We probably spent a bit too long on the 2p machines on the pier; but the panda prize made it all worth it.

Brighton Pier
Tad windy


April saw a massive milestone for my boyfriend and I. We moved into a lovely little flat together! Although I went to university and technically spent three academic years living away from home, it didn’t feel quite as real as this did. It’s official, I’m growing up! ?

Moving out of home for the first time with boyfriend


May was the month where I decided to get productive! I enrolled myself in two online courses to keep me busy, and my sister and I decided to start a blog. Our little blog Em and Jess was born, and we had such fun trying to figure out how to set up our website together. Below you’ll see a picture of the first website, which as you can see, looks entirely different to how it does today. Jess decided to take a step back from the blog a couple of months ago due to an awesome new job opportunity that came up for her. But it’s amazing to her have back occasionally for some guest posts!

2020 highlights - old wix website
The original website – terrible quality I know haha


In June I became aware of the first big blogging mistake I made: not doing enough research beforehand! After just one month of Wix, we made the decision to move over to WordPress, and I’m SO glad we did. I think we also learnt a lot about the aesthetic we were going for during this process; so I don’t know about you but I see a vast improvement from the previous website! ?

Something else that really got going in June was our provisional travel plans for next year. I really hope that covid is over by then so that we can actually do what we have planned; because it’d be an incredible adventure that I’d love to bring you along for too.

new WordPress website
First attempt at the WordPress website


After almost four months of quarantine, I finally went back to work; which was the first taste of normality I’d had for a while. With the lockdown restrictions also starting to ease; my girlfriends and I were able to meet for a socially-distanced picnic in the park.

It felt like forever since I’d seen them, and I was so happy to see my friend just a few weeks before she gave birth to her baby girl. Excuse the quality of the photo, but we felt it was only right to capture this special moment in a proper cringe-worthy fashion.

2020 highlights - girls picnic
Told you it was cringe ?


This was a big month for my friendship group as my friend Amy had her baby! Gorgeous little Holly Rose was born on August 10th, and I was lucky enough to meet her at only two weeks old for the best cuddles ever.

2020 highlights - cute newborn
Baby cuddles


With the lockdown restrictions lifted, my sisters and I went on a last-minute girlie getaway, to escape for a few days. Originally Jess and I were due to fly out to New York, but for obvious reasons that trip got cancelled. It all worked out though, as we were able to invite our older sister away with us.

Girls' trip to the Cotswolds
Girlie getaway


On the 4th October we celebrated our two year anniversary. I won’t say much, except how incredibly lucky I feel to have someone take care of me as well as this one does.

two anniversary with boyfriend
Two Year Anniversary


After 18 months, I handed in my resignation at the nursery, and said goodbye to all the two-year-olds that I absolutely adore. At the same time, I started a new job working in my local hospital. I’m glad to say that so far I’m enjoying my new role, and it’s amazing to be part of such a great team. Here’s to new beginnings!

Good luck presents for leaving old job
Presents from my lovely colleagues


The last of my 2020 highlights would have to be our first Christmas together in our own place. I think I can speak for most people when I say I can’t wait to be rid of 2020. At the same time, I’m immensely grateful for so many things, and all the lessons that 2020 has taught me.

My Christmas Tree


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