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Favourite Bloggers from 2020 that I think you should Read

As you all know, I only starting blogging half way through 2020. One of the best things about making this blog is how it’s introduced me to so many other amazing bloggers and their awesome websites. Today’s Blogmas post will be an appreciation post for some of my favourite bloggers from 2020.

Obviously I couldn’t mention every blog I’ve loved this year. Otherwise this would quickly become a very long post haha! So here are a few of my top picks.

Hannah from Hannah’s Happy Hour

Not only is Han’s blog amazing, but her Instagram is great too. She’s such a character, she never fails to entertain. Hannah is a 20-something blogger from Yorkshire, UK. She shares all sorts of lifestyle content including wedding planning, reflections on everyday life, and a dash of travel. After you’ve seen her website, head over to her Instagram account. The photos are gorgeous and the stories will make you chuckle.

favourite bloggers from 2020 - Han's happy hour

Michelle from Boomer Eco Crusader

Michelle was actually one of the first bloggers I connected with. Her niche really caught my attention, as she writes about all things sustainable. From making her own eco-friendly cleaning products, effective recycling, and sustainable swaps you can easily make. Michelle also offers her wisdom on finances, life hacks, among other topics. I always enjoy seeing a new post of hers pop up.

favourite bloggers from 2020 - Boomer Eco Crusader

Katie from The Twenty Percent

This girl really knows her stuff when it comes to finances! What I love most about Katie’s blog is that her post ideas are so original, and you can tell she’s put a lot of work into her content. For example, some of her posts include; common investing misconceptions; taking control of your pension; what Netflix will teach you about managing money; and investing during a recession.

Definitely worth a look if your looking for some information on money-management. It’s so inspiring to see someone who has taken the time to really educate themselves on this important subject.

Katie from The Twenty Percent

Jenny from Jenny In Neverland

Jenny is no newbie when it comes to blogging. You can see from her website, content and stats that she knows what she’s doing. This is one of the reasons she’s been one of my favourite bloggers from 2020. Jenny shares a lot of her blogging knowledge with her readers, helping baby bloggers like me learn where I might be going wrong.

Jenny in Neverland

Ellie from Ticking the List

If you’re looking for a blog to satisfy your wanderlust, then Ellie has got you covered! She came up with quite an extensive bucket list, and documents her travels as she successfully ticks them off.

There are so many thinks to love about this blogger, in particular her positivity, sense of adventure, and determination to accomplish her travel dreams despite suffering two auto-immune diseases.

Ticking the list blog

Amber from The Unpredicted Page

Another prime example of a blogger who knows what they’re doing, despite only starting her blog in 2020 like myself! Amber shares all sorts of posts including lifestyle, beauty and blogging tips and advice.

I find her blogging-related posts particularly useful. They’ve helped point me in the right direction in certain areas of starting a blog and successfully managing social media accounts.

At only 21-years-old, she already appears to be doing so well for herself. I think Amber is so encouraging and inspiring to young girls who might be looking into starting a side hustle for themselves.

The Unpredicted Page - favourite bloggers from 2020

Kayleigh from Kayleigh Zara

Last but not least on my list of favourite bloggers from 2020 would have to be Kayleigh Zara. With so many different ideas floating around on her website, I could just scroll through for hours.

Her website is also so visually pleasing, and with all of the different categories (blogging, food, university, reviews, and more), there’s something for everyone.

favourite bloggers from 2020 - Kayleigh Zara

It was so hard to narrow this list down to just a select few, as there are so many incredible blogs that I’ve come across in the past 6 months. Creating this blog has probably been one of my top highlights from the whole year. I can’t wait to see where it takes me in 2021. See you again tomorrow for another post. Only 5 days to go!


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