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Blogmas 2020

Your Guide to a Homemade Christmas: Last Minute Ideas

Christmas is a time of year where everything is magical. People (as a general rule) are cheerier, and the joy of gifting is abound! But Christmas can also be a difficult time for many; remembering and missing loved ones, and worrying about how to buy everyone that perfect present. Well Christmas shouldn’t have to break the bank, why not give something this year with a more personal touch? I can almost guarantee the thoughtfulness of a homemade Christmas present will bring much more happiness than the pair of socks you panic bought! 😜 

Homemade Christmas Decorations:

Pine Cones

Well with the traditional pine tree sitting in our living rooms, it just makes sense! Whether you leave them aux natural, or glitz them up with some silver or gold spray paint, these look lovely on the Christmas tree or scattered around the house. Ours came from the south of France about 20 years ago, and each time we see them it’s a lovely reminder of that trip. So next time you’re taking that woodland walk with friends or family, don’t forget to bring back a souvenir! 

Kirsty’s Baubles

This I saw on Kirsty’s Homemade Christmas and thought it was just brilliant! All you need are some plain glass baubles, wax crayons, a sharpener and a hairdryer.

So firstly you are going to sharpen the wax crayons so you have a lovely collection of different coloured shavings. 

Then take the top off the bauble, and shake some of the shavings inside. You may need to make a funnel out of paper for this.

Pop the top back on the bauble and very gently heat the bottom with your hairdryer. You must keep the shavings moving because as they melt they will stick to the glass and you don’t want to be stuck with a brownish clump at the bottom!

Tin can angel

To make your very own angel for the top of the tree, all you need is a clean, empty tin of drink, some scissors and a little bit of imagination! 

  1. Start by turning your can upside down (so the drinking bit is at the bottom.) 

2. Pierce the tin near the now top of the can. Then, cut around both sides of the top, leaving about an inch at the back. (This forms the halo and neck of your angel.)

3. At the base of each side of the neck cut up to the top; then arch forward to the front centre and cut down. (Making wings) 

4. Cut around the base where the wings join (freeing them if you like) leaving about an inch to create the back/spine.

5. Your angel will perch on your tree through the bringing bit, where you can push the top of the tree through. Secure with some Christmas ribbon of your choice and you are good to go!

homemade Christmas tree angle
Taken by author

Homemade Christmas Gifts:


Perfect for that last minute gift! Make up a booklet of gift vouchers by cutting coloured paper/card into ticket size pieces. You can do things like: 

  • Breakfast in bed
  • No washing up for a week
  • Massages
  • Dinner dates 
  • Movie night choice – yes that means you get to pick WHATEVER you like!


If you’re feeling crafty – and left yourself enough time – then why not knit someone something? I only say scarf because it’s basically just a really long rectangle! Nothing too fancy and nice simple for beginners. Your loved one will really appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into this thoughtful gift. Plus, once you’ve got the knack of knitting, it’s not too difficult to end up with a really lovely piece.

homemade scarves for Christmas
Taken by author


Remember all those ticket stubs and maps and wristbands you’ve been saving? They will finally have a new lease of life! This is such a personal gift idea. You are taking all your memories with a person and presenting them in a way that they’ll be treasured forever… no pressure! Get your favourite photos printed and stick them in with mementos from that day. Or use quotes that your friend or loved one is fond of. You just need a little bit of creativity and some glue and you’re onto a winner here!

Here are just a few ways to make Christmas a little more meaningful, a little more personal. Let us know in the comments below what you think; and if you have any ideas you think we should try too!

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