University Life

My three years of studying at the University of Winchester came to an end in 2018, when I graduated with 1st Class Honours. After being diagnosed with Dyslexia in first year, this was a massive achievement for me. Students encounter a whole load of challenges that are to be expected with university life, including home-sickness; adjusting to the new workload; making friends; budgeting; and trying to survive without your parents. I'll be giving my best tips and advice when it comes to these subjects. My aim is to help make your university experience as fun and stress-free as possible. What comes after university is also quite interesting to think about. Bidding goodbye to university life can definitely be daunting. However, there are so many amazing opportunities out there that are waiting to be discovered. This category will cover all of these adjustments as well as the learning experiences. Hopefully it'll provide any students reading this with some useful information to see them through.