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Things to do in Perth, Australia

Hey guys and welcome back to another post. I don’t know if it’s the miserable weather we’ve been having recently, or just the wanderlust from being in lockdown for so long, but I’ve been totally Australia-obsessed recently. We visited Perth in January of this year and it was so wonderful. The weather, the people, and the food is all incredible, not to mention the attractions and activities on offer. So today I’m sharing with you 10 things to do in Perth.

Perth may be the most isolated city in the world, but that’s not to say they haven’t got plenty going on!

For those who don’t know, my boyfriend only moved over to the UK 3 years ago so his whole family still live out in Aus. We’ve only visited them once since he moved but we hope to make it a much more regular occurrence if we can! With so much to do in Australia itself and also the surrounding countries, I’ve been doing lots of research into Aus, New Zealand, and some of the Asian countries so that next time we go we might be able to see a bit more than before. But for now let’s jump straight in…

1) Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

This one’s a given. It’s not often you’ll hear someone talk about visiting Perth and not have Rottnest come up at all in conversation. You’ll have to catch a 40-minute ferry across to the island but once you’re there it’s worth the wait! We hired bicycles (quite a common thing to do here) and followed one of the routes outlined on the map. There were a couple to choose from, each different lengths and some with easier roads than others. We settled for the 11km route which took us up to the lighthouse and back.

Another reason this is one of my top things to do in Perth is because it’s one of the only places in the world where you’ll find quokkas! To protect the species, visitors are kindly asked not to feed/touch the quokkas, but you can take photos with them. Quokka selfies have become a bit of a phenomenon. I can understand why because often the quokkas will come up and smile for the photos which is awesome.

Quokka Selfie

2) Fremantle

Fremantle is a port city not far from Perth City, and is well-loved for it’s weekend markets, coffee shops, and (from what I’ve been told) amazing fish and chips. It’s also known for its maritime history and Victorian architecture.

If you’re feeling brave you can take a tour of Fremantle Prison. This World Heritage site is supposedly haunted, and adults can pay $20 for a daytime tour or $26 for a torchlight tour. One of the most Instagrammable spots in Fremantle is a charming blue boathouse at the end of a pier. Not sure why exactly, but people love it and they often take wedding photos in front of it.

3) Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park Perth

You can’t visit Australia without taking time out to see kangaroos and koalas… it’s a MUST! Caversham was such a memorable and amazing day out for us. We went along with my boyfriend’s family and got to see so many animals native to Aus, the majority of which I’d never seen before in person.

Highlight of the day would have to be meeting Stuart the koala, and feeding the kangaroos and their joeys! However with wombats, Tasmanian devils, penguins, reptiles and tonnes of bird species, there’s something for everyone.

4) Leapfrogs Botanical Mini Golf

Leapfrogs Mini Golf Perth

This was the first activity we did in Perth (after taking a few days to recover from jetlag). I found it a great way to adjust to the Australian summer heat, because much of the course was in shade.

Beautifully decorated by all sorts of flowers and displays, I definitely recommend you give this a go. We each paid $20 (roughly £10) for an 18-hole course, which I’d say is pretty standard. Then afterwards we chilled in the cafe for a bit and had some well-deserved nachos.

5) Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is one of the many beaches that Perth has to offer, and perhaps one of the most popular ones. Ideal location if you’re craving a day of swimming, surfing, or even just lounging on the sand with a book. If swimming in the sea isn’t your thing, then there’s also a swimming pool that you can cool off in.

Just make sure you regularly apply sun-cream if you’re planning on spending the day at the beach because you’ll be surprised by how strong the sun-rays really are!

There are a few shops in the area, and a variety of bars and cafes overlooking the ocean. If you’re visiting between November-April, you can even catch the Sunset Markets on a Thursday evening. Apparently these markets are not to be missed, with so many pop-up shops, cuisine stalls from all over the world, and live music.

6) Hillary’s Boat Harbour

Hillary's Boat Harbour Perth

Hillary’s Boat Harbour is quite popular in Perth, as it’s got the man-made beach, shopping precinct, restaurants, and aquarium. It’s also a good hub for a variety of other activities like Heli-Tours or catching the boat to Rottnest Island. An all-rounder really.

PLUS one of the greatest things my boyfriend introduced me to while in Australia was at Hillary’s, and it was an ice-cream parlour called Cold Rock. Cold Rock is a chain so there’s several of them all over the country, but they’re great because you choose your ice-cream flavour and then you can add various chocolate bars or toppings for them to mix into it for you.

7) Kings Park

Kings Park Perth

Located in Perth’s city centre you’ll find the beautiful King’s Park and Botanical Gardens. My boyfriend brought me here on my birthday to have a look around, and it’s the perfect place to see sweeping views of the city. From King’s Park you can capture stunning photos of Perth and the Swan River, and look around the War Memorial.

We actually came back again towards the end of our trip to see the Botanical Gardens and give one of the walking trails a go. Next time we head out to Perth we’d really like to do a picnic there in the evening. Apparently the views at night are just breath-taking.

8) Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is another popular tourist destination which you can explore for just under $20 per adult. Inside you’ll get to discover an array of attractions, exhibitions, and live demonstrations all centred around one of Perth’s biggest industries: gold mining.

The Perth Mint is also located very near to Perth’s CBD (Central Business District), so be sure to have a drive around and see what it’s like.

Perth CBD

9) Cottesloe Beach

Another of Perth’s famous beaches, Cottesloe is highly popular for it’s pure white sand, and water activities like swimming, snorkelling and surfing. Being the ‘birthplace of surfing and surf lifesaving in Western Australia’, it’s the ideal location to take a surf lesson from the only family-run surfing school in Western Australia.

If you’re visiting in March, make sure you check out Cottesloe’s annual seaside exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea. Both new and already-established artists come along to make incredible sculptures out of the sand, and it’s free for the public to enjoy their masterpieces.

10) Adventure World

Adventure World in Perth

This certainly was a fun-filled day out. The last item on my list for things to do in Perth would have to be Adventure World, which is an amusement park with both land and water rides. It cost us $50 each for entrance which is about £26. I thought this was pretty well-priced because most theme parks in the UK are £40/£45 entrance.

We brought our own packed lunches with us which saved us a load of money once inside. However, I couldn’t help but buy myself one of their cinnamon doughnuts before we left (no regrets). Adventure World is about a 20-minute drive from Perth city, so I’d definitely suggest it if you enjoy amusement parks.

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