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5 Non-Monetary Benefits of Blogging

I see so many blog posts or YouTube videos floating around that are focused on ‘how to make money blogging’, or ‘how I earn Β£5000 a month blogging’. So today I thought I’d share 5 amazing benefits of blogging that don’t involve money.

I completely understand why bloggers would want their blogs to be successful; Jess and I are exactly the same and we always get so excited if our stats are doing well. However, there are also so many other aspects to blogging that we’ve come to love and appreciate. So we hope you enjoy this post, and maybe it’ll inspire you to start your own blog if you haven’t already.

Benefit #1: A Creative Outlet for the Topics you’re Passionate About

Jess and I had wanted to start this blog (and attempted to several times) since about April 2019. There were a few reasons we didn’t start earlier, which were mainly; we were nervous to try something so different; a lack of understanding of how to get started; and feeling like we just didn’t have the time to commit to it. Well! After going into lockdown in March 2020, we figured this was probably the best possible time to get going.

One of the first benefits of blogging I came across was that I never realised how much I would appreciate having a creative outlet to talk about the topics I love. It acts as a perfect distraction from every day life. In order to create better content, it also encourages me to research further into these topics. For example; looking into travel itineraries and budget travel tips; or the scientific-evidence around particular self-care habits; and so on. Doing all of this has allowed me to find so many other bloggers and YouTubers too!

Benefit #2: Develop your Skills (and add them to your CV)

I’m definitely no tech expert by any means. However, my confidence in using various tools and programmes has grown so much since starting the blog. For example, I had never heard of a widget, and I didn’t have the foggiest when it came to SEO.

But during the past few months I’ve managed to build two websites (our current one, and our former Wix-hosted one). Plus I’ve learnt how to market our site on various social media platforms. A lot of people may think the marketing side of blogging is pretty easy, but it can actually be quite time-consuming if you want consistently good results. That’s something I didn’t really consider beforehand: how to balance my time between now being back at work, but also maintaining the blog/social media accounts. Something I’m certainly still working on!

Leading on from this, blogging can also be a great addition to your CV/resume. It showcases your ability to be organised, and commit to something long-term and on a regular basis. Along with this, it demonstrates your creativity, eye-for-detail, and the fact that you’ve worked on your writing skills and marketing skills during the process.

benefits of blogging

Benefit #3: Meeting New People

The blogging community is a fantastic network of individuals, each with their own unique styles and personalities. This has been my favourite aspect of blogging so far. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a tonne of new people with similar interests to me, and the online community is so supportive and engaging, possibly even more-so than the people I know in real life. One main reason for this is because they actually understand all the struggles that bloggers experience, particularly new bloggers, because they’ve been through it themselves. That’s probably why it’s one of my favourite benefits of blogging in general.

If I’ve ever asked a question on a groupchat, Twitter, or Facebook group then I’ve always been given a helpful answer or been directed to a post that will give me the information I need. Another awesome thing about the blogging community is that they love when other bloggers succeed or reach particular milestones/goals. There’s no school-like jealousy or pettiness involved. They’re just genuinely happy for you.

Benefit #4: Learn from Others, and Share what you Know in Return

Millions of experts in their specific fields around the world are offering readers free insight into what they do and what they know. These days you can find blogs centred around pretty much every topic in existence. I’d seriously suggest you make the most of them. Use it as a chance to expand your knowledge on a whole load of subject areas. Personally, I’ve learnt about so many new destinations I’d love to travel to and explore; how to improve my blogging and our website; new recipes I can’t wait to try; and people’s experiences and reviews of a variety of products, from beauty products to WordPress plug-ins.

Simultaneously, you can also share your own knowledge and experiences with the community, and allow them to learn something valuable from you in return. One of the most rewarding parts of blogging is when people tell us they’ve enjoyed reading our posts, or that we’ve taught them something useful.

Benefit #5: Confidence!

This time last year we maybe (MAYBE) would’ve had the confidence to start the blog, but I definitely don’t think we would’ve been confident enough to tell people about it. Although going back to point number 3, the blogging community has definitely helped us to build confidence in both the blog and ourselves.

Going back to work after lockdown, I felt okay about telling my colleagues how I’d spent the past 3 months. I think people tend to expect their friends and family to find it cringey or strange. But in reality, our family and friends have been really supportive about it. Most of them just see it as a really interesting and creative hobby.

The more we learn, the more confident we feel and excited we get for the future; so I’m super excited to see where this takes us next!

There are so many benefits of blogging out there, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the non-monetary benefits we’ve experienced since starting our blog.

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  • Chris - CJ Attractions Guide

    The blogging community is so friendly! I have never see such a positive atmosphere in any other online community. It certainly helps boost skills too, I would love to take a career change and get into writing, now I have a portfolio of work that can help that come true!

    • emandjess

      Definitely, I never expected to meet so many amazing people through blogging, but it’s been so lovely! Yeah it would be so cool to one day incorporate blogging into a job. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

    • Unwanted Life

      I totally agree with these. One of the benefits I got from writing about mental health for my blog was that it allowed me to learn a lot of stuff I’m now using in my mental health placement, as I had been training to work with addiction, so it filled a void of knowledge I would have had otherwise

    • The Doubting Thomas

      Love this post – so important and so accurate! As someone who is never going to consider going down the monetary route from blogging, I agree it’s always important to take the other positives from it too. This is really important to reflect back on too if we ever feel like we’re not doing well with it or just need a bit of a confidence boost 😊πŸ’ͺ

  • Jessica Mills

    I absolutely loved this post, no one seems to focus on what’s important about blogging without making money! It’s such a great creative outlet, I love to hoard memories and blogging is perfect! And confidence is key, I didn’t have any when I started and it’s been so eye opening! I had one of my friends tell me this weekend they used my blog to get around Budapest and it made me so pleased, it really is the little non monetary aspects which matter too!

    • emandjess

      Thank you so much for your comment, and that’s so lovely that they were able to use your blog during their trip, that must be the best feeling! I can totally see why people would want to focus on the money part because for many people blogging full-time would be their dream job. But like you say, it’s just as important to consider the other aspects too, as they’re much more meaningful and useful in the long-run.

    • Karen

      I love the blogging community, I’ve come across so many lovely supportive people. Making money from your blog is of course a benefit but there are so many more!!

  • OhSoViki

    You guys have hit the nail on the head! Meeting new people, check! Creative outlet, check! New skills, check! Confidence… well it took some time but CHECK! I started my blog for a creative way to document my bucket list, but it’s become so much more! I don’t do it for money, there are so many more benefits to it than that

    • emandjess

      Thank you, and yeah I think there’s so much more to blogging than just the money that can potentially be made (as nice as I’m sure that would be haha) – thank you for your comment x

  • Kadie

    Lovely little blog! I love blogging and you’re right there are so many non-monetary benefits of blogging. I have found over 20-some years of blogging that it’s been great for my mental health, my creativity, has improved my writing abilities quite a bit and tought me a lot about a topic I was already interested in, web design/development. Now with 2 blogs, one personal non-monitized blog and one lifestyle/chronic illness/mental health blog which is monetized I am in love with both aspects of blogging. Keep up the great work!

    • emandjess

      Thank you, yours is lovely too! That’s so amazing, I completely agree, I don’t think I’d have coped the last few months if I didn’t have blogging to keep me focused and motivated

  • Michelle

    This is bang-on! I started my blog as a way to get my my message out. For me, it’s a hobby. I have learned so much and have been amazed by the supportive and welcoming blogging community.

    • emandjess

      I’m the same, we don’t make money from our blog and that doesn’t bother us in the slightest because all of the other amazing aspects of blogging are enough to keep us interested and motivated.

  • Izzy Matias

    I love how you talked about the non-monetary benefits of blogging! And so true how you learn so many new skills when blogging – that’s one of my favourite things about blogging apart from meeting other bloggers πŸ™‚

    • emandjess

      100%! I’ve met so many people on a variety of social media platforms and they are all so lovely πŸ™‚ it’s so nice having a good excuse to do some research on our favourite topics

  • The Queensights

    I love that you talked about the other side of blogging! To be honest, I feel tired seeing how to make a money-making blog and I am also pressured by those posts lol. Thanks for this.

  • Hannah

    I only made money once during my blogging time: $75 on a sponsored post with my old blog. I would love to make more money blogging. But I definitely see the other benefits. I actually talked about my old blog in the CV for the job I have right now. And I love meeting new people in the blogosphere!

    Hannah |

    • emandjess

      Yeah that would be amazing to be able to blog full-time one day, I’m sure you’ll get there some day πŸ™‚ and that’s so cool, I’ve also recently added the blog to my cv because there are so many skills that come with it!

  • Shirsha

    I’ve been blogging (on and off) for a really long time, and because I’ve always seen it as a hobby, I never really bothered with the earning money aspect, save for a few Amazon affiliate links thrown in once in a while! So, yes, I totally agree to this, because there is definitely more to blogging than earning money. πŸ™‚

    • emandjess

      That’s always a good way to look at it to be honest. We didn’t start our blog to make money either, which completely eliminates the pressure of trying to make it our job. This way we can actually enjoy all of the aspects that come with blogging πŸ™‚

  • David Law

    Great post and agree 100%. The blogging community is so supportive and welcoming that it makes it easy to start a blog. I haven’t made much money from my blog yet but it hasn’t stopped me due to the reasons you have outlined above.

  • Alex

    This is such a great post! It’s so easy to get caught up in how to make money and ace Pinterest and get your stats booming, but it’s so important to remember all the other things you can get from blogging. The creative outlet and the community are the most important things for me! X

  • Ellie-M

    I LOVE this! Sometimes we get so bogged down on the monetary side of blogging and it’s all you can see. But, I agree, one of my favourite things about blogging is the people I’ve connected with. There’s such a supportive community in blogging πŸ™‚

  • Jaya Avendel

    The blogging community is so helpful and supportive of its fellow writers! When I first started blogging, I had no idea there was a blogging community and did not realize what I was missing out on until I joined.
    I have made so many friends and learned from creative feedback and I know that I am going to love moving forward with my writing every day. πŸ™‚

    • emandjess

      Same here, I originally started on Instagram but it wasn’t until I joined Twitter that I really got to meet people properly ☺️ thank you for your comment

  • Chris@TTL

    Good points but number three definitely hits home for Jenni and I!

    It’s been really nice to make fresh and meaningful connections with other writers in our space (personal finance). And, it’s been motivating to keep it going!

    Congrats on your successes.

  • Adam

    I’d love to make a bit of money from blogging, but it’s not the reason I started doing it. It’s going to be very important for me to always remember that.

    • emandjess

      That’s fair enough, we’re the same really. It would be lovely to make some form of money from it one day, but if we didn’t then we’d be completely happy with carrying on the way things already are.

    • emandjess

      Same here! It always seems to come down to ‘how to monetise’ or ‘make money from your blog in 3 months’, and sometimes it’s good to take a break from that content

  • Love, Em

    I really love this post! It’s easy to just focus on how much you’re making & how soon you can quit your job, but if you slow down a bit, you realise that you’re gaining so much. Not only do you meet people & learn confidence, but you learn how to code, design websites, write emails, market blog posts, appeal to audiences and so much more! I love blogging – it’s taught me a lot more then working in a restaurant!

    Em x

    • emandjess

      This is all so true, I’m so grateful for all the skills that I’ve learnt as a result of starting this blog. Plus the boost to my confidence has been amazing – thanks for your comment x

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