Gift guide for the travel lover in your life
Blogmas 2020

Christmas Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in your Life

I’m sure we all know someone with an avid love for travel. In today’s post I’ll be suggesting some travel-themed gift ideas that you can give this Christmas. So let’s jump into this gift guide for the travel lover in your life.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links. However, I’ve looked into each product myself before deciding to make any recommendations to readers).


Dry Bag – 5l, 10l or 15l

If you’re heading somewhere where you’ll be enjoying lots of swimming or water activities, then this is ideal. Dry bags come in a variety of sizes, and their main purpose is, you guessed it, keeping items dry. Also very useful if you plan to spend lots of time on boats. So that when the water splashes on-board, all of you items can remain dry in their watertight protector.

You can find my recommendation here:

Packing Cubes

Next on my list for this gift guide for the travel lover in your life would have to be packing cubes. Now that I have packing cubes, I don’t know how I ever got by without them. Packing cubes allow travellers to organise their luggage into sections, and generally just help to keep everything neat and tidy. They also help to ensure your clothes are as compact as possible, because you can seal each cube shut. I was shocked when I first used one of these. It wasn’t particularly big, but I managed to fit about 14 t-shirts inside!

You can find my recommendation here:

Travel Wallet

Having somewhere to keep all your travel documents and important information is honestly such a blessing when travelling. Before having a travel wallet, I used to store all my documents in a plastic wallet. I would also organise them into the correct order so that everything was exactly where I needed it to be. However, a travel wallet will do all of this for you!

You can find my recommendation here:

Microfibre Towel

These are super helpful. Especially if you don’t have much space in your bag or suitcase. They fold up really small, and the one I have actually comes with it’s own little zip bag to keep it separate from the rest of my luggage. True, they are not the comfiest, fluffiest towels on the market. But does that really matter when you’re travelling and are lacking in space?

You can find my recommendation here:

Rucksack (Heavy Duty or a Day Bag)

For Christmas last year I received a Nordace Sienna rucksack to help me on my travels. The main reason I had wanted it was for the long-haul flights to/from Australia in January 2020. I think this made for a great gift as it was such a practical present; and people don’t always want to spend £90 on a rucksack out of their own pocket!

Along the same lines, a general day bag can be just as handy. People who are travelling with massive rucksacks or suitcases don’t want to be carrying them around on a daily basis. Having a day bag for every day items will be very appreciated.

Heavy duty travel backpack:

Day bag:


Water Purifying Water Bottle

I first saw this on the ‘Backpacking Bananas’ YouTube channel. The tap water in certain countries around the world won’t always agree with everybody, mostly those who aren’t used to it. This water bottle will enable you to collect water of your own which it will then filter to become safe drinking water. Perfect for anyone who enjoys long treks in remote locations or camping in the wilderness.

You can find the water bottle here:

Selfie Stick

These can make for perfect little gifts, especially for those travelling solo or to places with particularly extraordinary scenery. They’re also super affordable, I’m pretty sure I got mine on discount at Primark for £1!

You can find my recommendation here:

GoPro Accessories

Some examples you could look into might be: light mod, for extra brightness; spare battery or rechargeable battery, always handy; buoyancy aid, to stop the camera sinking; super suit (for the older GoPros that require waterproofing); head strap or chest mount, to go hands-free and get all kinds of shots; or a 3-way, which acts as a tripod, grip, and extension arm all at once.

Amazon have a great selection of accessories:

Portable Charger

Portable chargers can be absolute life-savers. Whether you have a long bus journey, or you’re heading out on a day-trip; you’re likely to want one of these, especially if planning to take lots of photos on your phone.

Here’s a great one:


This next item on this gift guide for the travel lover in your life is best suited for those with a higher budget. Know someone who loves photography? Why not invest in a high-quality camera for them, or give them some money to put towards one. Especially useful for travellers looking to document their adventures in both photo and video form.

A popular choice:

Intangible Items

Duolingo Premium Subscription

This one is a bit of fun. A premium subscription to Duolingo will enable any language-learners out there to continue their learning offline and add-free.

To read my review of Duolingo+, click here:

An Experience

If you know of something they really want to do but they don’t think they could justify the expense, why don’t you get them a voucher for it?

Subscription to Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This will allow travellers to feel more secure when browsing or working on public wifi. It effectively provides you with your own network that’s private and anonymous, and also enables you to connect to other networks in other countries too. Therefore, you can watch Netflix from servers all over the world for example.

Currency for their Next Destination

I know people say that giving money for Christmas can be a bit of a cop-out. However, I highly doubt any traveller will say no to some currency for their next destination.


Scratch Map

My boyfriend got me one of these for our anniversary and I can’t wait to start marking off the countries I’ve visited! You can get these in a variety of sizes, and it will gives your recipient a chance to reflect on all the journeys they’ve embarked on.

There’s an amazing one here:

Travel Guide to their Upcoming Destination

These are always quite useful. The ones I would recommend in particular are the DK Eyewitness travel guides. They cover a whole variety of different areas like food, attractions, accommodation, getting around, etc. You can buy these online but also from a variety of bookshops like Waterstones or WHSmith.

Portable Luggage Scale

A luggage scale can definitely come in handy for anyone heading off on a large trip over an extended period of time. They’re small enough to fit neatly into your luggage, but will let you weigh your bag at any given time to make sure it doesn’t exceed weight limitations for flying.

You can find my recommendation here:

Eye Mask & Earplugs

Anything to make those long-haul flights easier, right? I was so grateful for these when we flew to Australia and back. Despite being just a novelty gift from my parents, they sure did come in handy. If you know someone who likes to use hostels as their accommodation, this would allow them to get a good nights sleep without being disturbed by loud roommates.

You can find my recommendation here:

Travel Journal

To document all the little moments along the way that might get forgotten; and to plan out your itineraries for different locations so that you don’t miss anything!

This one looks so cute and practical:

I hope this post has been useful to anyone in need of a gift guide for the travel lover in their life. Remember to leave your recommendations below!




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