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10 Easy Christmas Date Ideas You Can Do At Home

In today’s Blogmas post, I’ll be giving you 10 simple Christmas date ideas for 2020. I’d love to be able to fill this list with Christmas getaway suggestions, ice skating, and Christmas markets; but unfortunately, covid had other plans and the UK still have quite tight restrictions in place (of course with good reason). So let’s get into the list!

1) Movie Marathon

Now I’m obviously not the first person to ever suggest this idea, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. When the weather is miserable and cold, nothing seems more appealing than getting under blankets and watching a load of your favourite films with an array of snacks. Some movie franchises that I’d recommend would be: Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, or The Hunger Games. If you’re looking to keep things festive, read my post of the Christmas Movie Countdown here:

2) Scavenger Hunt around the house

This date idea may require a tad more effort, but I’d be worth it. I’ve never done this personally but I think it would be an amazing Christmas date idea! You can leave clues for your loved one around the house, and eventually the clues would lead to a surprise. I think I might do this for my partner on Christmas Eve, and lead him towards a Christmas Eve box at the end of it.

3) Prepare a variety of cocktails to try out

Nothing to get you in the Christmas spirit quite like a good cocktail (or mocktails for those going alcohol-free). This can be a super fun experiment as you explore different combinations and flavours, and you might end up finding a new favourite.

We’ve actually got a Blogmas post coming up where we’ll be sharing some Christmas cocktail ideas; so keep an eye out if you think that might be up your street!

4) Decorate the Christmas Tree

A list of Christmas date ideas would not be complete without this one! As it was our first Christmas in our own place, my boyfriend and I made a day of it. We opened the Christmas biscuits, decorated the tree, unrolled the Christmas table runner, and enjoyed some Christmas films as background noise. You only get to do this activity once a year, so why not make it a little special?

5) Spend the day playing board games

You can’t really go wrong with games, because with so many varieties out there, there’s guaranteed to be a board game or card game for everyone to enjoy. Some of my top suggestions would have to include Bananagrams, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Uno, and Monopoly! It’s also always nice to have a bit of a break from electronics, and be able to give each other your full attention.

6) Bake gingerbread

The great thing about gingerbread is that even if you’re a complete baking novice, you’ll still probably find the recipe a piece of cake (pardon the pun). This could make for a lovely afternoon activity as you have the baking process, which can then be followed by decorating the biscuits together.

Here’s an example recipe for gingerbread men, which are bound to go down a treat:

7) Start planning for the New Year

We’ve had a lot of time on our hands this year, so you might’ve already got around to this one already. I love talking about the future and making potential and provisional plans. This could be travel plans, moving a house, getting a pet, all sorts! The reason I added this to the list of Christmas date ideas is because it might be nice to sit down together over a brew and figure out exactly what you’d both like to do/achieve in 2021.

8) Make/decorate your own tree ornaments

This is always a cute activity to enjoy, whether it be by yourself, with children or with your partner. It lets you bring a few personal touches to your Christmas tree. Some popular choices are usually making and decorating salt dough; glamming up some pine cones; or using clay. If you decided to make it a yearly tradition then you could put the date on the back of the ornament; to see how your artistic abilities have developed over time.

9) Walk around your local area and admire the Christmas lights/decorations

Some people create the most beautiful Christmas light displays, whether that be in their front garden or in their windows. However, it’s not often we go around and actually appreciate the effort that those people have put in to provide some extra cheer to passers-by. This date idea is nice and simply, just head out for a walk. Wander around your local area and try to find as many beautiful Christmas light displays as you can. Even if it’s dark and cold outside, you’re still guaranteed to enjoy yourselves.

10) Pretend you’re going out to a fancy restaurant

Finally, the last of my Christmas date ideas is to essentially play dress-up. My boyfriend and I actually did this on our anniversary just to try to make things a little more special. We decorated the table with candles; dressed up as if we were going to a nice restaurant; ordered from our favourite Indian takeaway; and accompanied that with a lovely bottle of wine.

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