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European Christmas Markets You Need to Visit

Now that Jess has shared some of the best Christmas markets in the UK; I thought it was only fair to take a look at the rest of Europe as well. I love visiting Christmas markets, especially when you get to explore them in other countries because you really get a taste for how the local culture celebrates the holiday. European Christmas markets can vary so much and each one will provide a different experience; which is why I hope to one day visit as many as possible.

So let’s take a look at the best European Christmas markets.

Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Prague for years now, but the idea of visiting at Christmas-time is even more exciting. To go alongside the market stalls, there’s a concert that takes place everyday to entertain visitors. Prague has become one of the most popular choices for European Christmas markets, and I think anyone could understand why!

Set in the Old Town Square, you can find wooden stalls filled with goodies such as products made from glass, straw, or pearls; traditional Czech blown-glass balls; biscuit cutters; wooden toys for children; hand-embroidered tablecloths; and so on. Another amazing thing about the Prague Christmas markets is that they pride themselves in being as environmentally-conscious as possible. For example, all sales material and refreshments are 100% compostable.

Prague at Christmas time
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Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg has been considered one of the best European Christmas markets for a number of years now. As one of the oldest markets in Europe, and the birthplace of Christmas celebrations, Strasbourg would have to make this list!

Visitors can’t help but be swept away by the warm Christmassy atmosphere. With over 300 stalls, Strasbourg also happens to be one of the biggest markets on this list. A great place to start if you’ve never experienced European Christmas markets before.

Strasbourg Christmas markets
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Riga, Latvia

Perhaps one of the lesser known European Christmas markets, but that’s not to say it isn’t just as magical. Offering generic Christmas treats and beverages like gingerbread and mulled wine, as well as traditional Latvian dishes, it’ll be something a little different. With a firepit, wooden stalls, and brightly-lit Christmas tree, this quaint city will give you the utmost cosy Christmas feels. Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having to share this special spot with quite so many tourists.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s ‘Magic of Advent’ must be one of the most exceptional European Christmas markets of all. The City Hall Square is transformed into an enchanting array of homemade gifts, decorations, warm beverages, and sweet treats. Vienna also has a carousel, and workshops to get the children in the mood for the holidays. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, visitors have said that the atmosphere alone is enough of a reason to go.

Vienna European Christmas markets
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Dresden, Germany

Germany have so many amazing Christmas markets on offer, but today we’ll be talking about Dresden. Dresden is actually Germany’s oldest Christmas market, originally starting in 1434.

Located in Dresden’s historic city centre, the ‘Striezelmarkt’ sells a variety of items coming from the region of Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), where most of the traditional Christmas toys, decorations and gifts were first invented. This is because Erzgebirge is only a few kilometres away from Dresden, near the boarder of the Czech Republic.

Dresden Christmas market
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Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn has been gaining a bit more traction over the years as people have slowly started to realise how beautiful and unique it is. They’re Christmas markets are no exception. If you’re looking for traditional markets that’ll give you village fairy-tale vibes, then Tallinn might be the choice for you.

Local artists and designers turn up to display their masterpieces, and craft workshops are available for all ages. Before Covid, Tallinn even planned to host a Gingerbread Mania in 2020, which is a playful art and design exhibition. In 2019, thousands of people from all over the world actually voted Tallinn as the best of all European Christmas Markets.

European Christmas market - Tallinn, Estonia
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